TAB Guitar School presents
"Fingerpicking Special" Concert Vol. 3 (Sep. 7-15, 1999)

Duck Baker & Pat Donohue Live In Japan

Thank you very much for your coming to the concerts.

This is Vol. 3 of "TAB Guitar School Fingerpicking Special Concert". We organized the tour by inviting Duck Baker and Pat Donohue. For Pat, this is his first visit, which we longed for. Their beautiful performances met our expectations. By the grace of you, we could end it successfully. I want to thank all of you for your coming and cooperation.

Since this is Duck's second visit to Japan, he was quite relaxing. He said that he could eat sushi everyday. But that was a problem to us, because sushi is expensive food. Plus, he has already grasped the difference of the taste between a cheap "conveyor" sushi restaurant and a expensive "classy" sushi restaurant. However, Pat can NOT eat fishes. So, the raw fish is out of the question for him. Anyway, we could barely escape from eating sushi every day!

To my surprise, Pat is a fan of "Yoshinoya's beef bowl". Because "Yoshinoya's beef bowl" is especially my favorite food (a kind of staple food for me!). He said to me, "There are some Yoshinoya restaurants in California, USA. When I tours there, I always drops in at Yoshinoya". He carried with him the leaflet in which their locations were inserted. He is a real Yoshinoya mania! Even in Japan he went to the Yoshinoya restaurant twice alone!!!

In this tour Duck performed the jazz versions of "Kojo No Tsuki" and "Green Sleeves" which have not been recorded yet. Duck can arrange any tune for jazz. Hats off to him! On the other hand, Pat beautifully performed his ultimate fingerstyle instrumentals such as "Big Blind Bluesy", "High Society", Blind Blake's blues and the upbeat bluegrass number "Arkansas Traveller". We really enjoyed his musicianship and skills of the National Fingerpicking Champion. Pat is a tyical cheerful American. But on the night before his return, he came to my room of the hotel and said "Osewani Narimasita.(Thank you for your kindness.)" So, I felt that he had some Japanese spirit. I would like him to come to Janan again.

Because of Pat's schedule, he could not join the last concert(Sep.12th) in Tokyo. But then AKI and Takashi Hamada joined, who have released CDs with TAB label. Both of them performed greatly. At PIT INN Shinjuku on Sep. 13th, we organized the concert titled "Duck Baker Jazz Solo Live" and Duck satisfied us with his exciting jazz world; swing, bop, modern jazz, free jazz, etc.. For the guitar seminar on Sep. 15th, all participants brought their own guitars. Though it might be hard for them to play the instructed tunes soon, I hope that they will master them slowley but surely.

I am relieved that we could end this long tour safely. The photographs of this tour were uploaded. If you want to look at them, please click "Photo1-16" below. We will plan such live conerts, seminars, etc. Please support our activity for the future continually.

@Tokio Uchida / TAB Guitar School

Photo 1„„„Memorial shot in the TAB's office (Sep. 7th, '99)

Photo 2„„„Tokio's solo performance (Sep. 7th, '99)

Photo 3„„„Pat's solo performance (Sep. 7th, '99)

Photo 4„„„Duck's solo performance (Sep. 7th, '99)

Photo 5„„„Guitar duo by Duck & Pat (Sep. 7th, '99)

Photo 6„„„A nice time at Kenrokuenn, Kanazawa (Sep. 9th, '99)

Photo 7„„„Guitar duo by Duck & Pat in Nagoya (Sep. 10th, '99)

Photo 8„„„The party strolling around Nanba, Osaka (Sep. 11th, '99)

Photo 9„„„Eating okonomiyaki (Sep. 11th, '99)

Photo 10„„„Pat with Kuidaore doll (Sep. 12th, '99)

Photo 11„„„Guest1- AKI appeared! (Sep. 12th, '99)

Photo 12„„„Guest2- Takashi Hamada appeared! (Sep. 12th, '99)

Photo 13„„„Duck's solo performance (Sep. 12th, '99)

Photo 14„„„Guitar duo by Duck & Tokio (Sep. 12th, '99)

Photo 15„„„Duck's solo performance at PIT INN Shinjuku (Sep. 13th, '99)

Photo 16„„„A scene in the guitar seminar by Duck Baker (Sep. 15th, '99)

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