TAB Guitar School presents Vol. 4 (May 1-5, 2000)

Bob Brozman & Woody Mann
"American Dream Tour" In Japan

Thank you very much for your coming to the concerts.

This is Vol.4 of the concert tour series by inviting oversea great artists. This time the guests were Bob Brozman and Woody Mann who had just released their duet album. In spite of that, this was their first joint tour. So, it became the memorial and historical event. In this quite busy week, besides the concerts and the seminar, we shot their lesson videos. But the "American Dream" team exerted their incredible powers, so that we could end it successfully. I want to thank all of you for your coming and cooperation.

The halls were regular Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo (Mar.3rd), Tokuzo in Nagoya (Mar.4th) which last time we used and Banana Hall in Osaka (Mar.5th) which we used for the first time. Every hall filled with a lot of people and excitement! These consuming concerts consisted of three sets; Pt.1-my solo, Pt.2-Solo performances by Woody and Bob and Pt.3- Bob and Woody's duos (the final-our three's jam session). The set was so long but the fever was kept to the last! The delicate but powerful fingerstyle solos by Woody who masters country blues to jazz completely, Bob's outstanding performances which always amazes and impresses us and their high quality guitar duets..... This tour was really exciting.

The guitar duets were taught by Bob and Woody in the seminar on Mar. 1st. They gave the deep lesson with demonstrations. On Mar. 2nd, we shot two lesson videos: "Delta Blues Guitar Duets" and "Country Blues Guitar Duets". It must be so hard to shoot two videos in a day. But we could end it up without any trouble because of their great masteries and skills. These videos are on sale now from our TAB label in Japan and from Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop in USA and Europe.

As usual, the photos of this tour were uploaded. If you want to look at them, please click "Photo1-16" below. Please support our activity for the future continually.

Tokio Uchida / TAB Guitar School

Photo 1A scene of guitar seminar #1 (Mar. 1st '00)

Photo 2A scene of guitar seminar #2 (Mar. 1st '00)

Photo 3The autograph session (Mar. 1st '00)

Photo 4A scene of video shooting (Mar. 2nd '00)

Photo 5Memorial shot after video shooting (Mar. 2nd '00)

Photo 6A scene of the concert in Tokyo #1 (Mar. 3rd '00)

Photo 7A scene of the concert in Tokyo #2 (Mar. 3rd '00)

Photo 8A scene of the concert in Tokyo #3 (Mar. 3rd '00)

Photo 9A scene of the concert in Tokyo #4 (Mar. 3rd '00)

Photo 10A scene of the concert in Tokyo #5 (Mar. 3rd '00)

Photo 11A scene of the concert in Nagoya (Mar. 4th '00)

Photo 12On the platform of Shinkansen (Mar. 5th '00)

Photo 13A scene of the conert in Osaka #1 (Mar. 5th '00)

Photo 14A scene of the conert in Osaka #2 (Mar. 5th '00)

Photo 15A scene of the drinking party after the conert in Osaka (Mar. 5th '00)

Photo 16Night town in Osaka (Mar. 5th '00)

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