TAB Guitar School presents Vol. 5 (Jul. 20-22, 2000)

Tom Long, Takashi Hamada & Tokio Uchida
"Three Dimensions Of Fingerstyle Guitar!!" Live

Thank you very much for your coming to the concerts.

We gave vol. 5 of the concerts presented by TAB "Three Dimentions Of Fingerstyle Guitar!!" by inviting Tom Long who came to Japan at first time. Thank you for your coming to our shows. This time the outstanding ragtime guitarist Takashi Hamada joined us. As each of us (Tom, Takashi and I) performed in our own fingerstyles, I had titled this tour "Three Dimentions Of Fignerstyle Guitar!!".

Tom is so good at Celtic music. In fact he is featured in the videos & CDs released by TAB label in Japan: "Celtic Fignerstyle Guitar Vol.1&2". In this tour he preformed his hillbilly tunes and original compositions in new age music tast, in addition to Celtic music. His real fat acoustic sound is created with his unique touch of fingertip meat playing on the mahogany Lowden guitar. In addition, his height of 2m2cm was really big. And Takashi's playing always amazes me. I wonder why he can arrange ragtime tunes in such strange tuning. And how merrily he plays such hard arrangements!

Anyway this tour was exciting though it was short. Some photos of this tour were uploaded. If you want to look at them, please click "Photo1-10" below. Please support our activity for the future continually.

Tokio Uchida / TAB Guitar School

Photo 1•••On the platform of the Shinkansen

Photo 2•••In TAB Guitar School's office

Photo 3•••The Concert in Tokyo #1

Photo 4•••The Concert in Tokyo #2

Photo 5•••The Concert in Tokyo #3

Photo 6•••The Concert in Tokyo #4

Photo 7•••The Concert in Tokyo #5

Photo 8•••Tokio's hope for Tom

Photo 9•••Fear of Giant Cobra!

Photo 10•••Let's go to the night town.

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