Tokio's Acoustic Blues Collection
complete tab/music book of Beyond the Old Memories

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio’s 11th album "Beyond the Old Memories" which is a compilation of various country blues that can be said to be the roots of him. Includes a number of finger picking that evolved the unique sounds of country bluesmen into guitar music. Nostalgic, exciting and full of originality! You can enjoy the communication between Tokio and past bluesmen by making full use of 6-string and 12-string finger picking and slide playing techniques. Through this book, you can learn not only various fingerpicking guitar techniques but also the ideas for developing the main themes of tunes. 92 pages.

Titles include:
01. Beyond the Old Memories
02. Amazing Grace
03. Dockery Farm Groove
04. Victory Rag
05. Banty Rooster
06. Keep It Funky
07. Bentonia Feeling
08. Pig Meat Strut
09. Head-Butt
10. Bo’s Raggy Blues
11. Old Mountain Blues
12. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
13. Delaware Boogie #2
14. Bye Bye Jackson Blues
15. Happy Meeting In Glory
16. Treasure Flower

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The Coming Of Spring tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Japanese Songs Played with Acoustic Guitar

This is the the complete tab/music book for Tokio's new CD "The Coming Of Spring" dealing with Japanese songs which are rootsy well-known and familiar to every Japanese. He has played acoustic fingerstyle guitar music with the taste of country blues and ragtime many years. For this album he adapted his techniques and styles for arrangements of Japanese nursery rhyme, ministry of education songs and traditional folk songs. Some tunes are featuring delicate and beautiful harmonys and some are arranged with counterpoint lines. and some are played with galloping style or monotonic blues approach, and others feature bottleneck slide. As a result, the CD became a unique and individual album with Tokio's identity. You can recognize Japanese emotions and enjoy the sounds with new feelings crossing western and eastern music.

Titles include:
01. Furusato -My Country Home- (Teiichi Okano)
02. Haru ga Kita -Spring Has Come- (Teiichi Okano)
03. Karasu no Akachan -Baby Crow- (Minoru Kainuma)
04. Akatombo -Red Dragonflies- (Kosaku Yamada)
05. Kasan no Uta -Mothers Song- (Satoshi Kubota)
06. Oborodukiyo -Misty Moonlit Night- (Teiichi Okano)
07. Toryanse -Pass Through The Lane- (Traditional)
08. Konomichi -This Road- (Kosaku Yamada)
09. Antagata Dokosa -Where Are You From- (Traditional)
10. Umi -The Sea- (Takeshi Inoue)
11. Takeda no Komoriuta -Takeda Lullaby- (Traditional)
12. Dokoka de Haru ga -The Coming Of Spring- (Shin Kusakawa)
13. Kagome Kagome -Bird In The Cage- (Traditional)
14. Hamabe no Uta -Song Of The Seashore- (Tamezo Narita)
15. Kojo no Tsuki -Moon Over The Ruined Castle- (Rentaro Taki)
16. Chatsumi -Tea Picking- (Unknown)
17. Kurodabushi -Kuroda Air- (Traditional)
18. Omoide no Masuduri -Memory Of Trout Fishing- (Tokio Uchida)

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Cat and Dragon tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 7 -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio's 8th CD "Cat and Dragon". This album includes ten excellent tunes arranged by Tokio's skilled fingerstyle guitar. Six original tunes, especially four among them under the theme of 'Cats & Dragon' which are played with acoustic and resonator slide guitar, are very imaginary. Another original 'Whistlin' Honky-Tonk Slide' played with resonator slide guitar is influenced by legendary great Rev. Gary Davis. And three of Irish & Scottish arrangements, 'The Water Is Wide', 'Off To California', and 'The King of the Faeries', are beautiful and retrospective. All tune are beautiful, fantastic, exciting and individual, as well as always incorporating traditional essense.

Titles include:
1) Cat and Dragon (T. Uchida)
2) The Water Is Wide (trad., arr. by T. Uchida)
3) Rushing Dragon For Water (T. Uchida)
4) Matatabi -catmint- (T. Uchida)
5) Off To California (trad., arr. by T. Uchida)
6) Whistlin'Honky-Tonk Slide (T. Uchida)
7) The King Of The Faeries (trad., arr. by T. Uchida)
8) See You Soon No.2 (T. Uchida, play with Daisuke Minamizawa)
9) Tears Of The Dragon (T. Uchida)
10) Yu-Kun's Toddling (T. Uchida)

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SAKURA tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 6 -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio's 7th CD "SAKURA". It features 13 arrangements which cover wide range of music genre from jazz, gospel, celtic, and Japanese traditional to his background 'blues'. Tokio has been developing many of these music for fingersyle guitar for long years. We beleive these masterpieces would cross over national borders and the times.

Titles include:
1) Lonely One (T. Uchida)
2) Ashy Africa (P.Wenrich, T. Uchida)
3) Sakura
4) The Rain Don't Fall On Me (Blind W. Johnson, T. Uchida)
5) The Rover Reformed / The Fine Companion (trad., arr. by T. Uchida)
6) Raggy Blues In E (T. Uchida)
7) Scarborough Fair (trad., T. Uchida)
8) Tribute To Robert Johnson (T. Uchida)
9) Summertime (G. Gershwin, T. Uchida)
10) Acoustic Delights (T. Uchida)
11) Dark Was The Nights, Cold Was The Ground / God Don't Never Change (Blind W .Johnson, T. Uchida)
12) Sunayama -sandpile- (Kosaku Yamada and Shinpei Nakayama, T. Uchida)
13) Evening Glow (T. Uchida)

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One Kind Favor tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 5 -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio Uchida's 5th guitar instrumental albumn "One Kind Favor" which is the acoustic fingerstyle blues instrumental album. It covers his wide variety of repertoire from the twelve string guitar boogie " A Boogie" to the bouncy rags such as "Island Village" and "Blake's Dream", the country fingerpicking standard "I'll See You In My Dreams" and the resonator slide tune "Tight Match" which is dedicated to the legendary tough professional wrestling game of Tokio's hero Giant Baba and Dory Funk Jr. Tokio transcribed all the tunes included except the bonus tracks. The tab/music transcriptions are written in detail. And the various photos are featured. After enjoying listening, how about enjoying playing? 96 page book.

Titles include: 1. Blue Prelude, 2. Island Village, 3. New Mississippi Blues, 4. When The Trumpet Of The Lord Shall Sound, 5. Tight Match, 6. Tribute To Clifford, 7. Potato Vodka Blues, 8. Crossnote Skippy Blues, 9. Blake's Dream, 10. A Boogie, 11. I'll See You In My Dreams, 12. One Kind Favor, 13. Retrospect

(*The bonus tracks in the CD are not transcribed in this book.)

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Acoustic Delights tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 4 -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio Uchida's 4th guitar instrumental albumn "Acoustic Delights" which covers his wide variety of instrumentals from beautiful healing tunes to haunting bluesy ones, which were expanded on his consistent musical roots. His original tunes such as Acoustic Delights and Big Salamander, popular standards such as Stardust and Tennessee Waltz and classic rag Maple Leaf Rag are featured. Tokio transcribed the themes & variations exactly and explained(in Japanese) the techniques in detail himself! A lot of unique photos are featured, too. - modified A4 size / 80 pages

Titles include: 1. The Voice Of The Wind, 2. Just A Closer Walk With Thee, 3. Stardust, 4. Maple Leaf Rag, 5. King Solomon Hill's Ambition, 6. Acoustic Delights, 7. Big Salamander, 8. Tennessee Waltz, 9. Premonition Blues/Old Country Rock Variation, 10. Esperance Minuet/The Beau Stratagem, 11. Danny Boy (Londondery Air), 12. Afterglow Slide/Jumping Bean, 13. Memory Of Trout Fishing-celebration version-

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Tokio Acoustic Blues tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 3 -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio Uchida's third guitar instrumental albumn "Tokio Acoustic Blues" which conveys his great zeal for acoustic blues. He has learned the guitar styles & techniques from the legendary bluesmen who he loves. This book includes the music from his original tunes to which such styles and techniques are applied to the standards such as "Georgia On My Mind", "St. Louis Blues", "Corina, Corina", etc. in his own pure fingerstyle playing! Tokio transcribed the themes & variations exactly and explained(in Japanese) the techniques in detail himself! Please soak yourself in the world of fingerstyle blues. - modified A4 size / 80 pages

Titles include: 1. Thanks To Stefan #2, 2. St. Louis Blues, 3. Raggin' Slow Blues In C, 4. G Rag Paradise, 5. Durham Meeting, 6. Georgia On My Mind, 7. Lonnies Mystique, 8. Lightnin' In Mississippi, 9. Black Eye Blues, 10. Corrina Corrina, 11. Kawazu, 12. The Sun Sinking Into The Sea.

(*The bonus tracks in the CD are not transcribed in this book.)

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Memory of Trout Fishing tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music Vol. 2 -

Some of Tokio's acoustic guitar instrumentals were used for the degital satellite-broadcasting program "Fly-Fishing Area Guide" by the major outdoor-life magazine "Be-Pal" (Shogakukan). The new tunes have been picked out from them and recorded on the his second CD "Memory Of Trout Fishing". This is the complete tab/music book for that album, which features all of 12 acoustic guitar solos, including the title tune "Memory of Trout Fishing", the famous ragtime tune "The Entertainer", O'Carolan's "Lord Inchiquin", reputable "Burg Blues" which is the opening demonstration of his best-seller video "The Essences Of Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues Guitar". This tab/music book which consists of the explanations of techniques, the episodes of tunes (written in Japanese), the favorite photos, the exercise for fingerpicking Vol. 2, etc.. is no less solid than the previous work. - modified A4 size / 80 pages

Titles include: 1. Memory Of Trout Fishing, 2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?, 3. Appalachian Mood, 4. Medley: Blind Mary / Lord Inchiquin, 5. Vestapol, 6. BURG Blues, 7. The Kindergraten, 8. Evening Rise, 9. Amazing Grace, 10. The Entertainer, 11. Chalk Stream, 12. GO Fly-Fishing

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Coconuts Clash tab/music book
Tokio Uchida - Fingerstyle Guitar Music -

This is the complete tab/music book for Tokio Uchida's 1st guitar instrumental albumn "Coconuts Crash" which was praised in CD reviews of such Japanese major music magazines as "Guitar Magazine" and "Player". All tunes in this albumn, which was filled with essences of various acoustic guitar music such as blues, ragtime, new age, ethnic music and so on, are transcribed exactly! This solid tab/music book includes the explanations for techniques, the episodes of tunes (in Japanese), the favorite photographs, the exercise for fingerpicking, etc.. - modified A4 size / 80 pages

"I've known Tokio for many years. He is a great guitarist who has taken American guitar styles and techniques and has merged these with his own individual Japanese perspectives to create evocative and exciting instrumentals. He has a highly individual style that continues to develop and evolve. " - Stefan Grossman

Titles include: Medley: 1. Prelude Of TAB Label/Repuiem For Uncle Brody, 2. Sea Gull, 3. Blake's Stumbling Rag Special, 4. In the Bermuda Triangle, 5. Beef Bowl, 6. Medley: Pretty Polly/Shady Grove/East Virginia, 7. Princesses in Sparta, 8. Lonely Night Journey, 9. Coconuts Clash, 10. The March Of Catfishes, 11. Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis, 12. Thanks To Stefan, 13. See You Soon.

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