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In this page, we introduce the TAB goods expect videos, CDs and books. We wish to serve you alike.

<TAB T-shirt has been completed!!!>

TAB Guitar School T-shirt has been completed. This was illustrated by Mr. Atsushi Hara, a remarkable coming painter. If you see a man who wears this in town, he must be a fingerpicker! In other words he is a brother. Let's talk to and make friends with him.

We have this shirt in M & L and in white & black. At the time of an order, Please select size and color.

MEN'S SIZE k(Black/White) l(Black/White)
WOMEN'S SIZE l(Light blue) r(Light green/Deep green)

<TABT-shirt> price with tax 2,100 yen (without tax 2,000 yen)

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