"The Music Of Thelonious Monk" Arranged For Fingerstyle Guitar

Taught by Duck Baker

¥Thelonious Sphere Monk was a towering figure in the story of modern jazz. His music is a challenge on any instrument and practicularly for fingerstyle guitar. Duck Baker draws on his experience performing and arranging many jazz styles, from ragtime to free-jazz, in attempting to capture Monk's bittersweet harmonic feeling on the six strings of the acoustic guitar.In this video lesson Duck teaches the arragements of Blue Monk, Lulu's Back In Town, 'Round About Midnight and Light Blue. As a bonus, rare footage of Monk performing the first three tunes is included from a 1966 concert with his great quartet featuring Charlie Rouse.

*VHS / Color and monochrome / Japanese subtitles /
with tab/music booklet / 92-min

Titles include: Blue Monk, Lulu's Back In Town, Light Blue, 'Round About Midnight

< TAMT-00019 > price with tax 6,090 yen (price without tax 5,800 yen)

Introduction to Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

Taught by Duck Baker

¥Gospel music is such a familiar part of our cultural and musical landscape. It offers the fingerstyle guitarist a vast repertoire of melodic and lyrical compositions. In this lesson, Duck Baker explores and explains how this music can be arranged for fingerstyle guitar. Duck teaches arrangements of six well known Gospel songs. These are played in standard and dropped-D tunings. If you feel comfortable playing an alternating bass in the style of Mississippi John Hurt or Elizabeth Cotten then you will find this lesson helpful in expanding this technique to Gospel music.

¥Duck gives historical background on each tune as well as phrase by phrase explanations of the arrangements. Each tune is clearly illustrated in a split-screen section making it easy to see what the right and left hands are playing.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music booklet / 82-min

Titles include: ¥Farther Along, ¥There Is A Happy Land, ¥What A Friend We Have In Jesus, ¥Just A Closer Walk With Thee, ¥Will The Circle Be Unbroken?, ¥Abide With Me

< TAB-00066 > price with tax 4,725 yen (price without tax 4,500 yen)

Introduction to Fingerstyle Swing Guitar

Taught by Duck Baker

¥Duck Baker is considered to be one of todayfs finest fingerstyle swing guitarists. In this lesson he teaches the basics of how to put that "swing" in to your playing. This is not a lesson for beginners. Duck presumes that you can already fingerpick using an alternating bass technique in the style of Mississippi John Hurt or Chet Atkins. Duck shows you how to expand this style and take it to a different level so that you can fingerpick swing tunes. Along the way he explains and explores rhythm chords and changes that you will need to incorporate in to your playing.

¥Four well known tunes from the swing repertoire are taught and the arrangements are fully explained phrase by phrase. Each arrangement is then illustrated on a split-screen that clearly shows what each hand is performing. This lesson will help you develop your own individual technique for playing fingerstyle swing guitar.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music booklet / 88-min

Titles include: ¥Redwing, ¥Bei Mier Bist Du Schoen, ¥I Got Rhythm, ¥Jazz Chord Rhythm Backing/I Got Rhythm(Key G & C), ¥Never Swat A Fly

< TAB-00067 > price with tax 4,725 yen (price without tax 4,500 yen)

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