The Guitar of Lightnin' Hopkins

Taught by Ernie Hawkins

Ever since old time Texas has turned out many great bluesmen: Blind Lemon Jeffrson, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughon and others. However the true king of Texas blues is Lightnin' Hopkins. He is the key person who developed his own modern techniques as well as taking over tradition of Blind Lemon and has had a lot of influences on today's rock and blues scene. This video lesson featuring such Lightnin's guitar style has been completed at last!

Offered here are all the basics and many of the secrets and tricks of Lightnin's guitar style. This lesson features rare video footage of Lightnin' from the 1950's and 1960's. Lightnin' plays the tune and then Ernie analyzes it lick by lick. So, it seems as if Lightnin' would teach you himself. This is an epoch-maing video lesson! You can learn the essences of Lingnin' Hopkins' playing: crisp Texas boogie shuffle, slow blues with ornamental phrasing in E and A, exquisite bending techniques, picking position which make tone change, etc!

*VHS / Color & monochrome / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music for all tunes / 93-min

Titles include: Pull A Party, Goin' Down Slow, Shining Moon, Baby Please Don't Go and Take Me Back

< TAB-00058 > pice with tax 5,460 yen (price without tax 5,200 yen)

The Guitar of Mance Lipscomb Vol. 1

Taught by Ernie Hawkins

The genius country bluesman/songster Mance Lipscomb was the most accomplished of the Texas "dead thumb" guitarists. He came from a musical family and grew up playing in the Texas country blues traditions. His spontaneous melodies which propels dancing is played with the powerful steady bass. His own driving style like this is so fascinating that everyone want to play like him.

In this video series, Ernie Hawkins carefully takes you through the complete range of Mance's playing, revealing all the tricks of the trade. Most importantly, you will learn how to play in Mance's style so that you can effortlessly adapt it to any kind of song. In this first video, his seven masterpieces of fingerpicking blues are featured. This video lesson allow you to see and to enjoy an abundance of Mance's footage to your heart's content.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music for all tunes / 94-min

TItles include: Captain Captain, Night Time Is The Right Time, Goin' Down Slow, You Got To See Your Momma Every Night, You Got To Reap What You Sow, Sugarbabe and Cherry Ball

< TAB-00059 > pice with tax 5,460 yen (price without tax 5,200 yen)

The Guitar of Mance Lipscomb Vol. 2

Taught by Ernie Hawkins

This is volume two of the video series in which Mance Lipscomb's deep guitar style and techniques are featured. In this video, as in the first one, Ernie Hawkins explores Mance's high techniques more particularly. By mastering the contens of this second videos, you will be able to grasp all of Mance Lipscomb's style.

In this lesson Ernie features ever popular "Spoonful", two ragtime instrumentals in the key of G and A and an extended blues in the key of G and explores the great Texas bluesman Mance Lipscomb's guitar playing sufficiently. His unique fingerpicking approach will have to captivate you. The footage of "Alcohol Blues" played by Mance excitingly let you make sure what you have learned with "Blues In G".

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music for all tunes / 94-min

TItles include: Spoonful, Rag In G, "A" Rag and Blues In G

< TAB-00060 > pice with tax 5,460 yen (price without tax 5,200 yen)

The Guitar of Blind Willie McTell

Taught by Ernie Hawkins

Blind Wilie McTell, a legendary mystical genius, recorded from 1927, when he established his reputation with transcendent "Statesboro Blues" all the way into the 1950s'. "Statesboro Blues" became an immortal rock hit through Allman Brothers Band's cover. In homage to the great Georgia 12-string bluesman, Bob Dylan said: "No one can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell". McTell is known for his unique swift clean fingerpicking style on his old Stella 12-string guitar. This was perfectly suited for his blues, rags and haunting vocals. He was also a master slide player, able to melt hearts with both blues and gospel gems. He was particularly expert at seamlessly combining a solid moving bass melodic style with spontaneous shimmering runs.

In this video lesson Ernie teaches Blind Willie's greatest songs. He played on12-string guitar, but of course you can try on ordinary 6-string guitar.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music for all tunes / 92-min

TItles include: Statesboro Blues, Come Around To My House Mama, Broke Down Engine, Searching The Desert For The Blues, Mama T'Ain't Long For Day and Savannah Mama

< TAB-00061 > pice with tax 5,460 yen (price without tax 5,200 yen)

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