Flatpicking Guitar Counrty Style
- The Roots of Bluesgrass Guitar -

Taught by Eric Thompson

In this video, Eric Thompson, a walking encyclopedia of flatpicking, teaches flatpking lead breaks in styles from Maybelle Carter to Doc Watson.

You'll learn to pick out the melody to songs like "East Virginia Bluse"," Shady Grove" and "Sad and Lonesome Day". You will learn to embellish your playing with "hammer-ons" and "pull-offs" for the real old-time country sound. Also You'll build a solid technique, advancing step-by-step through single note arrangements of "Thompson's Rag", fiddle hoedowns "Arkansas Traveler" and "Soldier's Joy", and a bluesy bluegrass break for "Good Old Mountain Dew".

Eric's invaluable tips on left hand fingering and right hand pick technique are clearly illustrated in split-screen close-ups. This video is for people who want to learn basic techniques of flatpicking country style.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music of all tunes / 73-min

Titles include: East Virginia Bluse, Shady Grove, Sad and Lonesome Day, Thompson's Rag, Arkanss Traveler, Good Old Mountain Dew and Soldier's Joy

< TAMT-00032 > price with tax 6,090 yen (price without tax 5,800 yen)

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes
- Reels, Rag & Hoedowns -

Taught by Eric Thompson

Old-time fiddle tunes are the bedrock upon which acoustic guitar flatpicking is built. Eric Thompson's strong, melodic picking has set a benchmark for taste and tone for nearly four decades. In this video Eric shares soulful arrangements of seven of his favorites, guiding you slowly, line-by-line through classics like "Texas Gals", "Fish In The Millpond", Irish rooted "Miller's reel" and "Stony Point", mountain modal "Falls of Richmond", swingin' "Kennedy Rag" and the bouncy "East Tennessee Blues". You'll build your repertoire and hone your technique, exploring fingering patterns in siw defferent keys which are all clearly illustrated in split- screen close -ups.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music of all tunes / 84-min

Titles include: Texas Gals, Fish In The Millpond, Miller's Reel, Storny Point, Falls of Richmond, Kennedy rag and East Tennessee Blues.

< TAMT-00039 > price with tax 6,090 yen (price without tax 5,800 yen)

Bluegrass Crosspicking Guitar

Taught by Eric Thompson

Crosspicking is an exciting flatpicking technique that is an essential part of every bluesgrass guitarist's arsenal. Utilizing repeated patterns on three-string groups, crosspicking captures the bounce of a fiddler's double shuffle and the drive of three-finger banjo Scruggs-style rolls. Eric Thompson lays it out for you in easy to understand steps, illustrating the basic patterns with arrangements of "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss", "Blackberry Rag", "Beaumont Rag", "Wildwood Flower", and "Cross-eyed Fiddler". Split-screen close-ups let you see exactly what and how Eric is playing.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music of all tunes / 85-min

Titles include: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Blackberry Rag, Beaumaont Rag, Wildwood Flower and Cross-eyed Fiddler.

< TAMT-00040 > price with tax 6,090 yen (price without tax 5,800 yen)

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