Larry Coryell's "Blues Guitar"

Larry goes "back to the roots" and gets down "to the bare basics" in this video lesson that demonstrates the early influences of Larry's blues-jazz evolution. He begins with the blues guitar techniques of T-Bone Walker and then to the two "Kings" (B.B. and Albert). This is followed by the more sophisticated blues/jazz realm of Wes Montgomery. The lesson finishes with some non-guitar but equally important blues influences from the legendary Miles Davis. This video lesson defines the progressive advance of the blues from downhome to urban to the mystical.

*Specifics covered in this lesson are:
„The pentatonic scale and intervals
„A transcription of a blues tribute to T-Bone Walker
„Bending notes in the styles of B.B. King and Albert King@
„Wes Montgomery's D Natural Blues
„Miles Davis's All Blues with modern "jazz minor" scales that take the music from the bare basics to the more complex altered changes.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / with tab/music booklet / 66-min

< TAMT-00025 > price with tax 6,090 yen (price without tax 5,800 yen)

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