Legends Of Country Guitar
- C. Atkins, M. Travis, M. Rager, D. Watson -

This video collection is the second of popular "Chet Atkins `Rare Performances 1955-1975`(TAMT-00013)". In addition to valuable footage of Chet' playing "Jerry's Breakdown" with Jerry Reed, etc. this video features Merle Travis and Doc Watson's rare performances and footage of Mose Rager who gave a great influenced on Travis. So it is just the image of its own title (Legends...).

*With the booklet of comment translated into Japanese
*VHS / Monochrome & color / Japanese subtitles / 58-min
*With tab/music and playing explanation (written in Japanese) for "The Entertainer"

Titles include: MOSE RAGER 1. I Am a Pilgrim(1962) CHET ATKINS 2. The Entertainer(1975) 3. Jerry's Breakdown(1975) 4. Beatles Medley(1977): For No One / Something / Lady Madonna 5. Black Mountain Rag(1978) 6. Until It's Time For You To Go(1978) 7. This String(1979) 8. Rainbows(1980) 9. Kentucky(1987) MERLE TRAVIS 10. Travis Medley(1979) 11. Mutual Admiration(1979) DOC WATSON 12. Freight Train Boogie(1987) 13. I Don't Love Nobody (1987) 14. Windy And Warm(1987) 15. Travellin' Man(1987) 16. Streamline Train(1987) MOSE RAGER17. Back Water Blues(1984)@18. Cannonball Rag(1984) MERLE TRAVIS 19. Mus'krat(1981) 20. Dapper Dan from Dixieland(1981) 21. Guitar Rag(1981)

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