Doc Watson
- Rare Performances 1963-1981-

The king of American folk, Doc Watson's music rages from miraculous flatpicking to fingerpicking and to harmonica solo, a cappella gospel singing, frailing banjo, etc..This video collection traces His matchless talents and the road he has walked along. This video presents his activity from 1963 to 1981.

*With the booklet of coment translated into Japanese
*VHS / Color & monochrome / Japanese Subtitles / 60-min
*With tab and playing explanation (in Japanese) for "Big Sandy/Bill Cheatham"

Titles include: 1. Deep River Blues(1963) 2. Nine Pound Hammer(1967) 3. Daniel Prayed(1967) 4. St. James Hospital(1967) 5. Shady Grove(1970) 6. Black Mountain Rag(1970) 7. Stack O'Lee Blues(1970) 8. Tom Dooley(1970) 9. Southbound(1970) 10. Way Downtown(1978) 11. Lonesome Road(1978) 12. Medley: Nancy Roland/Salt Creek(1978) 13. I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground(1978) 14. Sweet Georgia Brown(1978) 15. Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia(1978) 16. Will The Circle Be Unbroken(1978) 17. Raincrow Bill(1978) 18. Tennessee Stud(1978) 19. Medley: Big Sandy/Bill Cheatham( 1981) 20. A Roving On A Winters Night(1981) 21. Black Mountain Rag(1981)

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Doc Watson
- Rare Performances 1982-1993 -

Doc's music is just corpus of American music. In this video which presents footage from 1982 to 1993, Sessions with the line-up: Merle and Jack Lawrence who became his partner after Merle's dying, Tony RIce, David Griceman,etc. is a real MUST. Lastly, this video is rounded off with heart-warming live solo at sudio.

*Wiht the booklet of comment transrated into Japanese
*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / 60-min
*Wiht tab & playing explanation (in Japanese) for "Make Me Pallet"

Titles include: 1. New River Train(1982) 2. Shady Grove(1982) 3. Going To Chicago(1982) 4. Blue Yodel No.12(1982) 5. Sleep Baby Sleep(1990) 6. You Must Come In At The Door(1990) 7. Dear Old Sunny By The Sea(1990) 8. Amazing Grace(1990) 9. Foggy Mountain Top(1992) 10. What Is A Home Without Love(1992) 11. Nine Pound Hammer(1992) 12. Riding On That Midnight Train(1992) 13. Five Ball Mail(1992) 14. Rock Tune Medley(1992) 15. Shake Rattle & Roll(1992) 16. Make Me Pallet(1993) 17. In The Jailhouse Now(1993) 18. Going To Chicago(1993) 19. Life Gets Tedious, Don't It(1993)

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Doc's Guitar Jam
- Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Dan Crary,
Steve Kaufman & Jack Lawrence -

Recorded at the 1992 Merle Watson Festibal in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, this incredible jam session brings together five masters of flatpicking guitar - Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Dan Crary, Jack Lawrence and Steve Kaufman.Together they harmonize, improvise and burn the strings on a set of fiddle tunes, country classics and hot guitar instrumentals.
Two bounus tracks recorded with his friends: David Griceman, Bella Frek, Mark O'Connor, Tim 0'Brican, Roland White and Jerry Douglass are also included.

*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / 60-min
*With tab and playing explanation(in Japanese) for "Ragtime Annie"

Titles include: DOC WATSON, TONY RICE, DAN CRARY, STEVE KAUFMAN & JACK LAWRENCE 1. Ragtime Annie 2. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues 3. St.Anne's Reel 4. More Pretty Girls Then One 5. Walk On By 6. Little Sadie 7. Black Mountain Rag 8. Lime Rock 9. Billy In The Lowground 10. Going Down This Road Feeling Bad DOC & FRIENDS 11. What Does The Deep Sea Say 12. Ramshackle Shack DOC WATSON, TONY RICE, STEVE KAUFMAN, JACK LAWRENCE & T. MICHAEL COLEMAN 13. Wildwood Flower

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