John Lee Hooker
- Rare Performance 1960-1984 -

¥John Lee Hooker, a senior bluesman, has had authorities over the blues scene. This video includes the rare performances of John as such from 1960 to 1984. Valuable footage of solo singing to his own guitar accompaniment with stomp, langurous and heavy very blues and audacious boogie which made his audience dance as if they lost their sanity is featured. How persuasive and cercive! Both band version and solo version of well-known "Boom Boom" are included. Anyway you'll be riveted to picture. This title will fascinate all blues fans!

*With the booklet of comment translated into Japanese
*VHS / Monochrome & color / Japanese subtitles / 60-min
*Tab and playing explanation(in Japanese) for "Boom Boom"

Titles include: 1. Maudie(1960) 2. Tupelo, Mississippi(1960) 3. It's My Own Fault(1960) 4. Come Back Baby(1960) 5. Boom Boom(1964) 6. I'm Leaving(1964) 7. Hobo Blues(1969) 8. I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive(1970) 9. It Serves Me Right To Suffer(1970) 10. Boom Boom(1970) 11. You Looking Good Again Tonight(1979) 12. So Cold In Chicago(1979) 13. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer(1984)

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John Lee Hooker & Friends
- 1984-1992 -

featuring Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, John Hammond, Albert Collins, Robert Cray & others

¥John Lee Huker has today's rock and blues scenes under his influece. This video addresses John Lee's activity from 1984 to 1992 as sequel to "John Lee Hooker Rare Performances@1960-1984" and is edited mainly with jam sessions with today's front-line guitarists who look up to him. Heated jam sessions with Ry Cooder mastering bottleneck/slide guitar, Bonnie Raitt, John Hammond, Roy Rogers, Albert Collins, Robert Cray and others are highly recommended!

*With hte booklet of comment taranslated into Jpanese
*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / 58-min
*Wiht the analysis of guitar playing, tab and playing explanation(in Japanese)

Titles include: 1. Baby Lee(1984) 2. When My First Wife Left me(1984) 3. Maudie(1984) 4. Same Old Blues(1991) 5. I'm Bad Like Jesse James(1991) 6. I'm In The Mood(1992) 7. Father Was A Jockey(1992) 8. Crawlin' Kingsnake(1992) 9. Mr. Lucky(1992) 10. The Boogie(1992)

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