Legends of Flatpicking Guitar

A lot of ultimate flatpicking playings are performed by ultimate flatpickers like Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Norman Blake, Dan Crary and others. This 90 minute video is a MUST for acoustic and bluegrass fans!

*With the booklet of coment translated into Japanese
*VHS / Color / Japanese subtitles / 90-min
*With tab and explanation(in Japanese) for "Black Mountain Rag"iDan Crary's virsion)

Titles include: DOC WATSON 1. Black Mountain Rag 2. Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia TONY RICE ALL STAR JAM 3. Nine Pound Hammer 4. Cold On The Shoulder 5. Whitewater NROMAN BLAKE & THE RISING FAWN SRING ENSEMBLE 6. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy 7. Salty 8. Molly Bloom DAN CRARY 9. Country Boy Rock N'Roll 10. Medley: The Fishing Creek Blues/The Blackbird/Turkey In The Straw/Bonaparte's Retreat/Arkansas Traveller DOC WATSON & JACK LAWRENCE 11. Bye Bye Blues 12. Tennessee Stud TONY RICE & RICKY SKAGGS 13. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies 14. More Pretty Girls Then One NORMAN BLAKE & THE RISING FAWN STRING ENSEMBLE 15. Nashville Blues 16. Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest/Over The Waterfall/Opera Reel/Cherokee Shuffle TONY RICE ALL STAR JAM 17. Freeborn Man DOC & MERLE WATSON 18. Medley: Sheeps In The Meadow/Stoney Fork 19. Medley: Bill Cheatham/Salt Creek DAN CRARY 20. Lady's Fancy 21. Black Mountain Rag TONY RICE UNIT 22. The White Dove 23. Sally Goodin

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