This is perfect! The Basic of Acoustic Guitar

Written by Tokio Uchida (in Japanese) / Published by Rittor Music


1.<<Basic knowledge>> 1 Name of each part, 2 Types of the guitars, 3 Types of strings, 4 How to string the guitar prorerly, 5 How to hold the guitar, 6 How to tune, 7 Relation between frets and notes, 8 Diagram and tablature

2.<<Backing playing>> 1 Basic chords, 2 Arpeggio, 3 Three finger picking, 4 Chord stroke, 5 Carter Family's picking, 6 Other chords, 7 How to use a capo

3.<<Lead playing>> 1 Picking, 2 Major scale exercises, 3 Left-hand techniques to put expression, 4 Pentatonic scales

4.<<Applied playing>> 1 Progressive phrasing (Chords designating bass note, Open high chords, Chromatic scales, Phrases in 3rd, 6th and 10th degree harmonies, Rhythm backing in bossa nova style, Harmonics), 2 Blues & ragtime playing (Slow Blues In EARag In C)

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Introduction To Folk Guitar

Written by Tokio Uchida (in Japanese) / Published by Natsumesha


Part 1 <<Basic Lesson>> Choice of the folk guitar, Name of each part, How to tune, How to string the guitar, Essential gimmicks, Finals of Part 1

Part 2 <<How To Play>> How to hold the folk guitar, Music notation for the folk guitar, Let's learn to read the tablature, How to play sol-fa, Basic chords and chord changes, A large viraiety of playing, How to use a capo and practical examples, Finals of Part 2

Part 3 <<Let's Play!>> Basic of stroke playing, Example: Tear's Request, Basic of arpeggio playing, Example: Imagine, Basis of three finger playing, Example: Junko, Basis of solo playing, Example: March Of The Saints, Two finger picking, Carter Family's picking, Arpeggio (three finger) plus stroke, Instrumentals, Open tunings, Bottleneck playing, Finals of Part 3

Part 4 <<Data File>> Chord diagrams, List of circular chord progressions, List of open tunings, etc.

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