TAB Guitar School presents Vol. 6 (Nov. 3-7, 2000)

"John Renbourn & Duck Baker" Live In Japan

Thank you very much for your coming to the concerts!

We held Vol.6 of TAB concerts by inviting British and American big guitarists: "the giant of Britishi folk scene" John Renbourn and "the master of fingerstyle guitar" Duck Baker. Thank you very much for your coming. By the grace of you, every concert was "full house" and we could end it up successfully.

Especially we had the great honor of inviting the historical guitarist John Renbourn who has left his mark on the music history through many activities such as Pentangle, John Renbourn Group, Duets with Stefan Grossman and so on. His delicate and bold guitar playing is just artistic!

On the other hand, Duck Baker is well known to TAB's customers. He is the big gun whom we regards as the ultimate goal for all fingerstyle guitarists. He was introduced in the radio and CS programs which Mr. Peter Barakan hosts, and his publicity and popularity are rising up rapidly.

Since I was highly affected by John Renbourn, Duck Baker and Stefan Grossman who taught me their musical greatness, this tour brought some special emotion to me. I would like to invite also Stefan to Japan someday.

In these concerts they performed an abundance of guitar duets as well as solos. To my surprise, they arranged their guitar duets in a moment after a short talk since they are congenial old friends. They are a real musician!

Since both of them seem to have enjoyed this tour, I am very glad. We will plan such conerts pleasing you all. Please support our activity for the future continually. Some photos of this tour were uploaded. If you want to look at them, please click "Photo1-16" below.

Tokio Uchida / TAB Guitar School@

Photo 1„„„In TAB Guitar School's office

Photo 2„„„Tokio checking sound (at Tokuzo in Nagoya)

Photo 3„„„Duck and Tokio checking their sounds (at Tokuzo in Nagoya)

Photo 4„„„On the platform of the Shinkansen

Photo 5„„„John enjoying Othello game

Photo 6„„„Let's go to Genrokuzushi (sushi restaurant)!

Photo 7„„„Tokio & Duck (at Banana Hall in Osaka)

Photo 8„„„At the Meiji Shrine #1

Photo 9„„„At the Meiji Shrine #2

Photo 10„„„Duck's solo (at Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo)

Photo 11„„„John's solo #1 (at Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo)

Photo 12„„„John's solo #2 (at Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo)

Photo 13„„„John & Duck (at Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo)

Photo 14„„„Very crowded autograph session (at Star Pine's Cafe in Tokyo)

Photo 15„„„Duck's restaurant (?)

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