Tokio's new CD has just been released in May 2016!!!

Tokio Uchida / The Coming Of Spring
Japanese Songs Played with Acoustic Guitar

< King Records KICS-3365 > 2,700 yen

This is Tokio Uchida's new album dealing with Japanese songs which are rootsy well-known and familiar to every Japanese. He has played acoustic fingerstyle guitar music with the taste of country blues and ragtime many years. For this album he adapted his techniques and styles for arrangements of Japanese nursery rhyme, ministry of education songs and traditional folk songs. Some tunes are featuring delicate and beautiful harmonys and some are arranged with counterpoint lines. and some are played with galloping style or monotonic blues approach, and others feature bottleneck slide. As a result, this CD became a unique and individual album with Tokio's identity. You can recognize Japanese emotions and enjoy the sounds with new feelings crossing western and eastern music.

Titles include: (click on titles for mp3 sound samples)
01. Furusato -My Country Home- (Teiichi Okano)
02. Haru ga Kita -Spring Has Come- (Teiichi Okano)
03. Karasu no Akachan -Baby Crow- (Minoru Kainuma)
04. Akatombo -Red Dragonflies- (Kosaku Yamada)
05. Kasan no Uta -Mothers Song- (Satoshi Kubota)
06. Oborodukiyo -Misty Moonlit Night- (Teiichi Okano)
07. Toryanse -Pass Through The Lane- (Traditional)
08. Konomichi -This Road- (Kosaku Yamada)
09. Antagata Dokosa -Where Are You From- (Traditional)
10. Umi -The Sea- (Takeshi Inoue)
11. Takeda no Komoriuta -Takeda Lullaby- (Traditional)
12. Dokoka de Haru ga -The Coming Of Spring- (Shin Kusakawa)
13. Kagome Kagome -Bird In The Cage- (Traditional)
14. Hamabe no Uta -Song Of The Seashore- (Tamezo Narita)
15. Kojo no Tsuki -Moon Over The Ruined Castle- (Rentaro Taki)
16. Chatsumi -Tea Picking- (Unknown)
17. Kurodabushi -Kuroda Air- (Traditional)
18. Omoide no Masuduri -Memory Of Trout Fishing- (Tokio Uchida)

*The complete tab/music book (TAB•BK-2002) for this album is also available now.

Stefan & Tokio's new duet CD released in Nov. 2013!!!

Between Two Worlds
~ Country Blues Guitars of
Stefan Grossman & Tokio Uchida ~

< TAB•CD-1017 > 3,024 yen

Titles include: 1) One Kind Favor, 2) Betty and Dupree, 3) Catfish Rag, 4) Shake Baby Shake, 5) Guitar Rag, 6) Hesitation Blues, 7) Delaware Boogie, 8) Innocence Abroad, 9) Big Mama Blues, 10) Rooftop Blues, 11) St. Louis Blues, 12) Texas Connections, 13) Goin' To Germany

"Woody Mann Japan Tour 2012" went successfully!!!

We had Woody Mann Japan Tour 2012 from April 7th to 15th. Woody learned a lot from legendary gospel blues guitarist Rev. Gary Davis in his young days. And afterwards he also absorbed the jazz essence from such a great jazz guitarist as Attila Zoller. Then he developed his musicianship and created his own unique guitar style and the one and only music. For this tour, he performed in Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. He played a lot of wonderful music as solo and duet with Tokio Uchida.And he had two workshops in Osaka and Tokyo, too. We put the photo albums of this tour on facebook. Click here and you can go to them from that page.

TAB Guitar School's 20th anniversary special concerts Vol.3
"Tony McManus Japan Tour 2011" went successfully!!!

We organized the Japan tour of Tony McManus in April 2011. As John Renbourn described him as "the best Celtic guitarist in the world", Tony is recognized as one of the most high-level guitarists who have Celtic musicality as their musical roots. For this tour, he performed in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Although it was the difficult time for Japan after the disaster by the big earthquake, his music healed all the people in concerts. He also appeared as one of the guests for the annual big event "Fingerpicking Day" in Yokohama, which is held by Moridaira co. (other guests were Rynten Okazaki, Tokio Uchida and Daisuke Minamizawa). We put the photo pages of this tour on our web site. Click here (The photo pages are written in Japanese. But I think you will be able to watch the photos).

TAB Guitar School's 20th anniversary special concerts Vol.2
"David Laibman Japan Tour 2011" went successfully!!!

As Vol.2 of our 20th anniversary concerts, we had "David Laibman Live in Japan 2011" tour (Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya-Tokyo). He is "the pioneer of ragtime guitar" who tried to arrange fabulous ragtime pieces of the typical great composers such as Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph Lamb for fingerstyle acoustic guitar seriously. His arrangements were the really acheived ones as he converted the possibility of the piano to the guitar and influenced many guitarists. Tokio Uchida joined the gigs and played his solos as well as the duos with David. We put the photo pages of this tour on our web site. Click here (The photo pages are written in Japanese. But I think you will be able to watch the photos).

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